Piano Lessons at The Study

There are many benefits in learning to play the piano. In addition to having a wonderful creative outlet, students learn the benefits of hard work and perseverance. Our piano curriculum at The Study includes music theory, so our students begin learning how to read music from the very beginning. This opens wide the doors of musicality for our students, providing the foundation for them to learn other instruments with confidence.

Our piano students are encouraged to participate in our bi-annual piano recitals, held in early December and again at the end of the school year.

Fast FAQs
  • Piano lessons are held once per week for 30 minutes each lesson
  • Appointments can be scheduled during the day or in the evening
  • We are a vendor with Connections and IDEA
  • See our billing information for current rates

Additional Frequenty Asked Questions

How do I sign up my child for piano lessons?

Please call us at (907) 262-6227 and we will plan a time that fits within your schedule.


At what age do you begin giving piano lessons?

Many parents are eager to start their children with piano lessons but are not sure if their child is ready. Generally, a good age to begin lessons is five years of age- however, some children would do well younger than five and others are still not quite ready.

There are typically four things we look for in a child to determine their readiness for lessons:

  • Can they read the letters of the alphabet out of order?
  • Can they sit still long enough to practice/sit in a 30 minute lesson?
  • Are their hands big enough to comfortably rest on five keys in a row without stretching too much?
  • Do they have the fine motor control to play one key at a time?

If you aren't sure whether your child is ready, feel free to call us and ask for a consult with our piano teacher. She would be more than happy to speak with you or meet your child in person and help make a determination.


Can my child take piano lessons as part of their school day?

Yes! Our piano teacher offers lessons during the day throughout the week, and we have many students at The Study who opt to take advantage of this service. Your child will be billed separately for their piano lessons, as they are not included in tuition. When scheduling their lesson we will make sure that it is during a time where they will not be missing out on an important academic subject.


How often does my child need lessons?

We have found that once per week is necessary in order for students to progress at the piano.


Can I schedule my children for multiple lessons in a row?

Yes! We have many families with multiple children taking piano lessons. We will do our absolute best to help make scheduling as easily as possible.