About The Study

The Study originally opened as a resource for private tutoring  for elementary aged students who needed extra attention in their studies. Since then, The Study has expanded it’s service to the community, offering a full-time elementary school for students in ages Preschool through 6th grade, private tutoring for students age Preschool through High School, music lessons for students age Kindergarten and up, accredited High School courses, summer school and a variety of workshops.

The Study believes in meeting students where they are, providing testing and assessments to gauge their current skill levels. This allows students the best chance at success, as they are able to work at a level that is appropriate for them and progress at a pace that is in their best interest.

Students who attend The Study gain confidence as they experience academic success, allowing them to increase their self-esteem and sense of worth and belonging among their peers.

Mrs. Nelson- Owner/3rd-6th Grade Teacher/Tutor
Mrs. Nelson- Owner/3rd-6th Grade Teacher/Tutor

Meet Mrs. Nelson

The Study was inspired by a teacher who consistently spoke negativity over her students, basically speaking the words, you will never and you can’t. Kerri Nelson was one of her students. Kerri decided to go into teaching with a mission of assuring students that they can! After teaching at Cook Inlet Academy and encouraging students that they will and they can; she decided to provide the community with a positive place where students can come and be challenged, coached, and inspired to love learning! Since 2011, The Study has provided the community of Soldotna with an accredited Elementary School, as well as a variety of educational workshops and private tutoring services.

Kerri Nelson has been a teacher on the Kenai Peninsula for almost 20 years. She spent ten years at Cook Inlet Academy teaching third and fourth grade as well as Home-Ec. She has her Master's degree as a reading specialist and has experience working with students of various ages and challenges. Kerri is married to an incredibly supportive husband and has three children, Chloe, Ellie and Coel.

Mrs. Rundle-1st-2nd Grade Teacher/Tutor
Mrs. Rundle-1st-2nd Grade Teacher/Tutor

Meet Mrs. Rundle

Nichole Rundle has been with The Study since 2017 and has been an amazing addition.  Her background working in a variety of school settings with elementary students has proven to be invaluable in her own classroom. She has a teaching degree in Elementary Education from the University of Pheonix and has brought much enthusiasm and energy to The Study. She recently acquired her Master's Degree in Education.

Mrs. Ireland- Piano Teacher
Mrs. Ireland- Piano Teacher

Meet Mrs. Ireland

Patti Ireland has been giving piano lessons at The Study since it first opened its doors. A retired teacher from Cook Inlet Academy, Patti is a wonderful asset to our community and brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our students.

Additional Staff Include:

Diane Reynolds, Administrative Assistant

Nichole Rundle, 1st-2nd Grade Teacher

Chloe Luck, Teacher's Aide

Venetia Rauwolf, PreK Teacher

Victor Fernandez, Teacher's Aide/Spanish Teacher

Patti Ireland, Teacher's Aide/Tutor/Music Teacher

Linda Vroman, Math Teacher/Tutor

Heather Swanson, Teacher's Aide

Joanna Gottlob, Tutor/Teacher's Aide