Welcome to The Study!

Mission Statement

The Study seeks to provide a highly academic, quality education to students in our community by creating a supportive, yet challenging, learning environment. Teachers encourage high expectations for success through direct instruction, research-based curriculum, and individualized lesson plans. Each student’s self-confidence is fostered by creating positive relationships in the classroom with peers, teachers, and staff. The Study aims for an atmosphere of cooperation, with respect for individual differences and community values.


Guided Principles of The Study:

  • Academic placement in programs are data driven
  • Standards and expectations are aligned with Alaska requirements
  • Cultural diversity is recognized and respected
  • Research based programs are the basis for our instruction
  • The educational setting is physically safe and environmentally healthy
  • Maintain an active partnership with families and schools
  • Each student is valued and treated with respect and dignity
  • Staff is knowledgeable on current practices

Expected Outcome:

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the material that was taught at The Study by performing on or above grade level at his/her respective school setting.

The Study is committed to providing personalized learning experiences that will allow students to become more confident and successful learners.



Opportunity for All Ages

Many people are surprised to learn that The Study offers a variety of services to the community. Over the years we have developed classes and programs that our parents rely on to enhance the learning and development of their children.

School: Primarily, The Study functions as a private school for children in preschool through grade six. Our kindergartners often end the school year reading, and our students often are performing above grade level on assessments. We also welcome new students of any grade level and will provide material that is academically appropriate for their age and academic level.

Tutoring: The Study provides tutoring for individuals or small groups throughout the school year and during the summer. We are not limited to elementary subjects, as we have tutors qualified for high school subjects as well. One of our more popular tutoring groups is our Foundations group for home schooled students.

Piano Lessons: The Study offers piano lessons during the day and into the evening hours for students of all ages.

High School Classes: The Study offers high school classes for credit on an as-needed basis. In the past we have offered algebra, geometry, art, cosmetology, history, and Spanish.

Summer School: Did you know that students lose much of what they have learned during the school year in the months of summer break? Summer school is a great way to sharpen the skills students have already developed, or to utilize the time to catch up with their peers. Have a student starting Kindergarten in the fall? Test the waters with our Kinder Prep program!


Mrs. Nelson and her entire staff care about each and every student that comes through the door. Not just their academic success; they care about each student and the love and care that they show to each student, shows. 

Angela & Klaus Beplat

The Study in Soldotna has been absolutely life changing for my daughter Scarlet! I absolutely love the community centered family atmosphere that The Study provides. I couldn't be happier that my daughter not only is growing academically and socially, but also spiritually. I'm so glad these last few years she's been able to build a strong foundation at The Study. 

Britney Baier

The most important investment that can be made in life is the investment by parents in their children and their education. The smaller class sizes and one-on-one attention when extra guidance is needed, created a conduit to our children's optimal fundamental learning capabilities. We are so very thankful to The Study and all it has done for our children's education. 

Chad & Jill Schaefer