Summer School at The Study

Grades K-8

Summer School at The Study features a research-based reading program, grade-level math, and language arts. Students will have lesson plans individualized to their needs based on their progress monitoring assessments.

Summer school is available for students who just finished grades Kindergarten-8th.

Traditionally we have two sessions of summer school, one session in June and one in July. Students may enroll in one session or both. Since work is individualized for each student, it is not necessary for students to attend the June session in order to attend the one in July.


Mini Academic Kinder Prep

This is a perfect prep course for students going into Kindergarten in the fall. It prepares students with not only academics, but with manners and rules. (Students must be potty trained to attend.)

We offer two sessions, one in June and one in July.

Jr High Math

Featuring instruction in fractions, ratios, decimals, geometry, and basic algebra, this is perfect for students going into 7th and 8th grade, as well as for high school students who need to solidify basic algebra and geometry skills.

We offer two sessions, one in June and one in July.

Elementary Art

Open to grades 1-6, this art class covers a variety of subjects with a variety of art mediums.

This class is typically offered in June and July twice per week.

We are a vendor with Connection and IDEA and can bill them directly!

Study Skills- Grades 5 and up

This course is perfect for those students who just can't get their "organizational skills" together! It will review how to keep an organized binder, locker, test-taking tips, how to prioritize time, and even where to sit in class to get the most benefits!

Offered one session per summer.

Mastery of Multiplication

This is one of our most popular workshops for a reason! This course teaches kids how to multiply through stories and pictures. Not only do they enjoy the class, but they have a fun way of retaining the information for the rest of their school career!

We offer two sessions, one in June and one in July.

Excellence in Writing- Grades 7 and up

This class is a must for students who want to improve their writing and become an independent writer. It teaches students to dress up their writing with adjectives, adverbs, adverbial clauses, and who/which clauses.

Offered one session per summer.


Additional Frequenty Asked Questions

How do I enroll my student?

If you'd like to enroll your student online, please fill out our Online Form. If you'd prefer to print the form and email or deliver it to us, feel free to do so. Once we receive your form we will confirm your student's registration and arrange for payment of the deposit (if applicable).

If you would like to bill Connections or IDEA directly, there is additional paperwork that will need filled out. Please contact us and read our Billing Information page.

Do I have to stay with my student during their class?

We do not require that parents stay on the premises while their student is in class. However, parents are more than welcome to do so. We ask that if parents choose to wait in the lobby area they are respectful of our other students and clients who are also in class or taking piano lessons.


Is there a dress code for summer school?

No, there is no dress code for summer school. However, we ask that students wear clothing that is clean and is of modest dress. (Please consider the dress code of your student's regular school as a guideline.)