Billing Policy and Current Rates

The Study bills at the beginning of each month for the previous month’s services. (Except for elementary school tuition, which is due the beginning of the current month) An invoice will be sent to you via mail and/or email. Timely payment is expected in order to continue services.

For courses and workshops with a set fee, the entire amount will be billed at once. A deposit may be required to reserve the student’s spot.  Students will not receive a discount or refund for missed classes and are expected to make up any missed work. Students eligible for academic credit will not receive a transcript until the course or workshop is paid for in full.

For tutoring and lessons, a 24-hour cancellation notice is required, or you will be charged for the session. Extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration. We use an online appointment management program called AppointmentPlus, and the student should receive an email reminder for tutoring and piano appointments. This service is meant as a courtesy, and if an email reminder is not sent the student is still expected to be present for scheduled appointments.

Connections students:
The Study is a vendor with Connections and can bill directly for services provided. Connections requires all paperwork to be submitted two weeks prior to beginning a class or service. Any service or class provided before the 2 weeks must be paid out of pocket by the student, then submitted to Connections for reimbursement.

IDEA students:
The Study is a vendor with IDEA and can bill directly for services provided. Students should check with their advisor to make sure the appropriate funds are available. IDEA will not pay for services or classes until after the class has been completed. If the student does not have sufficient funds to pay for their balance, the student is obligated to pay the difference out of pocket.


-Valid beginning August 1st, 2023

Private Tutor - 30 minutes - $33.45

Private Tutor - 45 minutes - $54.65

Private Tutor- 1 hour- $66.95

Group Tutor - 30 minutes - $24.00

Group Tutor- 1 hour- $46.45

Group Tutor - 2 hour - $93.00

Music Lesson- 30 minutes- $28.50

PreK-6th Elementary School- month- $650

Half Time PreK - month - $490

Courses for Credit- 1 credit- $1,049

Summer School- 1 month- $530

Extended Day Summer School-1 month-$700